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Diagnosis and treatment

Do you feel like you are disorganized, have trouble concentrating, or are you impulsive, but have never had an ADHD assessment?

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Are you worried about not reaching your potential and wondering if an ADHD diagnosis could help you find the right path?

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Were you diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and wondering if you still have it as an adult?

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Do you struggle with time management, procrastination, and meeting deadlines in college and at work?

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About 10 million people have ADHD in adults. ADHD occurs in most cultures in about 2.5% of adults.

Getting a diagnosis can help you understand your challenges and be better prepared.

Take an assessment and clarify your doubts.

The ADHD assessment helps determine if you likely have ADHD or another diagnosis. During it, you will be asked in depth about:

With your consent, we may ask you if someone close to you can collaborate with the diagnosis process.

If necessary, a series of neuropsychological tests will be performed to collect data about:

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The treatment includes


Medical and pharmacological treatment to treat neurobiological deficits, focused on the needs of the patient and their significant ones.


Cognitive behavioral training for executive functions deficits.


Inclusion of the family network to understand the nature of the disorder and build support.


Habits formation to promote healthy sleep behaviors, physical exercise and social interaction.

After the treatment you will be able to:

Increase academic and work performance.

Improve focus control.

Manage time properly.

Organize, plan and execute tasks.

Sustain motivation with long-term goals.

Reduce interpersonal impulsivity, improving relationships.

Properly regulate emotions.

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