Hyperactivity in adults with AD/HD: I feel like my head won't stop.

Hyperactive behavior is often associated with constant activity, a marked tendency to be easily distracted, impulsiveness, difficulty concentrating, aggressiveness, and other similar behaviors. These characteristics can manifest in a variety of ways, such as fidgeting or fidgeting, excessive talking, or difficulty participating in quiet activities, such as reading.

In this episode, we delve deeper into understanding hyperactivity, exploring the many ways it can manifest in everyday life and how it affects those who experience it. We examine the underlying causes of hyperactivity, as well as environmental and genetic factors that may contribute to its development.

We also address a variety of effective strategies for working with hyperactivity, from therapeutic and pharmacological approaches to self-management techniques and coping skills. We share practical examples and applicable tips that will help you manage hyperactivity, either in yourself or in someone close to you.

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