Why does time go by very slowly or very quickly?: Effective Strategies for Time Management in People with ADHD

In this episode, we discuss the challenges people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or ADHD face when it comes to time management and how these obstacles can affect the achievement of personal goals and objectives. We explore how the perception of time can be distorted, either slowing down and feeling oppressive, or suddenly speeding up without our fully realizing it.

Throughout the conversation, we share effective and practical strategies that will help you better manage your time, organize your activities and plan accordingly. Our goal is to provide useful and applicable tools so that people with ADHD or ADDD can improve their relationship over time and ultimately achieve their goals and objectives more successfully.

In summary, this episode focuses on offering concrete and valuable solutions to improve time management in individuals with AD/HD or ADHD, enabling them to face their daily challenges and move towards fulfilling their personal aspirations.

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